We strongly believe that the road to quality eye care starts with educating the future leaders of this sector.

A shortage of trained medical experts is one of the greatest challenges to increasing the availability of eye care services and reducing preventable or untreated vision impairment and blindness.

Through our strategically placed colleges in Sudan and Pakistan, we give students the chance to train as registered ophthalmologists, technicians and nurses.

Our five programmes are run by medical experts, many of whom are affiliated with top academic institutions. With the help of their knowledge and training, Al Basar is creating the next generation of qualified eye care professionals and filling the gap in human resources across Africa and Asia.


Taught Qualifications


Different Nationalities



Meet Dr Shihab

Dr Shihab Hamadnalla is the assistant professor and college principle of Al Basar’s Ophthalmic College in Sudan. The college trains students to become highly trained ophthalmic leaders who can help meet the growing demand for eye care specialists in Africa.

It is essential to keep our cadres here in Africa, because the need is great. And it is getting greater every year.

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Meet some of the students hoping to fill the gap

Sulaiman Mohammed

Sulaiman is 24 years old and from Nigeria. He’s training to be an Certified Ophthalmic Assistant.

Maymouna Hassan

Maymouna is 18 years old and from Sudan. She’s also training to be a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant.

Abdullah Yasir

Abdullah is 19 years old and from Yemen. He’s training to be an optometrist in Khartoum.