We believe that where you happen to be born shouldn’t determine your access to eye care – and neither should your income. In our fight to leave no one behind, we’ve set up 29 fully functioning affordable eye hospitals in Africa and Asia.

Most people experience at least one eye condition in their lifetime, and with the right eye care most conditions are easily treatable.

But for at least 1 billion people around the world, life isn’t so simple. They have some form of vision impairment or sight loss that could’ve been prevented (or that, is yet to be treated) – simply because they couldn’t access or afford eye care.

There are many barriers that prevent people from accessing eye treatment, including  availability, accessibility, affordability, and acceptability of such services. Factors like gender, socioeconomic status, and perceived cost of eye care can prevent patients from accessing services too. In some settings, women aren’t given the same access to eye care as men.

By creating specialist eye hospitals in hard to reach places, Al Basar is bringing sight back to thousands of people – one eye at a time.  

Lost productivity among adults who need glasses is estimated to be US$202 billion

We transform communities by making make sure people have access to eye centres that are equipped with the latest technology and trained staff. Our hospitals are also gender segregated to ensure women are able to access them easily.  


Eye hospitals built in African and Asia


People employed, including optometrists, nurses and physicians


People have benefited from our programs to date

Meet Dr Ayda

Dr Ayda is considered a legend. She works tirelessly to bring eye care to people who need it, and often goes above and beyond to serve them. Her passion and determination led to the creation of the General Anaesthesia department at Al Basar hospital in Khartoum.

The biggest challenge is the problem that most of the patients are coming from outside of Khartoum. And they have no place to stay here, they are poor, they cannot arrange for residence. And many times I am the one who ask the people.

– Dr Ayda Khidr – Consultant Paediatric Anaesthesiologist

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Together we can turn the TIDE on preventable blindness.

We value sight. When people get their sight back, it’s a miracle that changes their lives for the better.

We promise:

  • To never give up on our goal of ending preventable blindness
  • To be smart, strategic and sustainable in our fight against sight loss
  • Our track record speaks for itself. We have been restoring sight one eye at a time since 1989.