Clearing the Path to Sight: Albasar’s Eye Care Campaign in Naogaon, Bangladesh

Clearing the Path to Sight: Albasar’s Eye Care Campaign in Naogaon, Bangladesh

Al Basar’s unwavering dedication to combating blindness reaches new heights with a recent medical campaign in the city of Naogaon, located in the Republic of Bangladesh. From January 25 to February 1, 2024, our team from Al Basar executed a transformative initiative, performing 452 crucial eye operations aimed at removing cataracts and implanting lenses. Utilising cutting-edge technologies in eye surgery, our campaign clinics welcomed 4,324 patients, providing them with invaluable free consultations and treatments.

Beyond surgeries, our commitment extended to enhancing vision care for the community. During the campaign, we distributed 1,627 various medical glasses and sunglasses, ensuring ongoing eye health support for those in need.

This endeavour reflects the ongoing efforts of the Al Basar to address the leading causes of blindness, particularly cataracts, across Asia and Africa. Operating in regions where access to ophthalmic services is limited, our Foundation remains steadfast in its mission to provide essential eye care services. By collaborating with numerous official and grassroots organisations, we ensure that our services reach those who need them most.

As we press forward, our resolve remains unyielding: to bring light and hope to communities worldwide by restoring the gift of sight.

Your support enables us to continue restoring sight to some of the most vulnerable people suffering from impaired vision, and reversible blindness.