Proud to announce our membership to MCF.

Proud to announce our membership to MCF.

Al Basar International Foundation (BIF) is pleased to join the prestigious ranks of the Muslim Charities Forum (MCF), a significant step in our enduring mission to restore sight in communities across Africa and Asia. This move not only signals a new chapter in BIF’s impactful journey but also aligns with our shared vision with our peers across the Muslim charity sector of contributing to a more just and sustainable world.

The MCF, established in 2007, is an umbrella organisation for Muslim-led international NGOs in the UK. It plays a vital role in promoting collaborative working and knowledge sharing among its members, advocating for their interests, and providing essential training and research. This collaboration will offer BIF an expanded platform for advocacy and a network of like-minded organisations committed to humanitarian efforts.

BIF has a rich history dating back to 1989 and has been a leading force in the fight against sight loss, working tirelessly in over 45 countries. Our efforts have been monumental, restoring and saving the sight of over 22.6 million people. Our specialisation in treating sight loss and preventing blindness aligns perfectly with the values and goals of MCF, which include improving the contribution of British Muslim charities to international development and raising awareness of their members’ work abroad.

In joining the MCF, BIF is looking forward to enhancing its reach and effectiveness in service delivery. The partnership is more than a symbol of unity; it is a strategic alliance that will enable BIF to leverage MCF’s resources, expertise, and network to amplify our impact. This collaboration is set to open new doors for innovative approaches to addressing vision-related health issues in some of the world’s most vulnerable regions.

Furthermore, the alliance with MCF positions BIF to play a pivotal role in shaping a more equitable and sustainable future. By aligning with an organisation that has a history of engaging with governmental bodies and international agencies, BIF can extend its influence beyond direct medical intervention to advocate for policies and practices that support health equity and access to quality eye care.

The integration of BIF into the MCF family is not just a milestone for both organisations but a beacon of hope for millions of people who suffer from preventable blindness. It’s a partnership that promises to bring about significant advancements in health and wellbeing for communities in Africa and Asia, reinforcing the global commitment to a more inclusive and just world.

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For more information about the Muslim Charities Forum and its activities, you can visit their website here.