Outreach Clinic, Afghanistan

Outreach Clinic, Afghanistan

Al Basar International Foundation (BIF) has made history by launching its first cataract outreach clinic in Afghanistan since 2003. This monumental event marks the fifth of six planned outreach programs that highlight our steadfast commitment to this region since we began operations in 1993.

In this recent clinic, we screened an astounding 4537 individuals. This figure not only represents the scale of our operation but also the prevalent issue of cataracts in Afghanistan. The rising concern of cataracts, a leading cause of preventable blindness, underscores the crucial role that our outreach clinics serve.

Amidst Afghanistan’s ongoing socio-economic challenges, we have found incredible support from the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSRelief), our sponsor for these clinics. Their generosity has enabled us to provide these much-needed eye care services and radiate hope among the local populace.

Camp Manager Rizwan Ahmed said, “This is more than an outreach program. It’s a lifeline for those struggling with vision loss. Every screening, every intervention is a step towards a brighter, clearer future for the people of Afghanistan.”

The revival of our outreach programs is a significant stride in our fight against preventable blindness. It demonstrates our unwavering commitment to restoring vision and improving lives in this region. This recent endeavour underscores our mission at BIF: to make a profound impact by empowering individuals through improved eye health. Our battle against preventable blindness continues, with hope in our hearts and vision in our sights.

  • 4,537 people were screened for cataract
  • 460 people received free cataract surgery
  • 1,000 glasses were distributed